Our skilled upholsterers can give your old upholstery a new lease of life, replacing springs, stuffings, wadding, hair and coir, and fitting new fabric if it is worn or ripped. We repair or recover anything from foot stools, headboards, sofas or or armchair, three piece suites, for individual residential domestic customers right through to large commercial contracts like pubs, hotels, nursing homes.We are also experienced in restoring vintage motor car interiors and yachts. Our upholstery services include recovering three piece suites, chairs and sofas, all upholstery repairs to bar seats which are also supplied new, repairs to chair frames, caravan or boat upholstery, spring repairs, foam supplied and fitted, curtains made, headboards made and recovered, hard pelmets made or recovered.

Upholstered furniture has been around for a long time, ever since people realised the much greater comfort that could be achieved by using a range of soft materials underneath the covering fabric. As craftsmen experimented with various methods of creating a soft seat, but at the same time a seat that retained its springiness, they introduced springs (coil springs were developed around the middle of the 19th century) and various strengths and lengths, animal hair from horses, wadding made from cotton products padding, springs, webbing, hessian of various strengths and thicknesses, and even hay or straw, before the final fabric. Animal hair derived from cows, horses, and hogs was very popular because it has great strength but retains its flexibility under compression. The old English word describing an upholsterer is 'upholder' Crowther & Sons specialise in re-upholstery, antique upholstered furniture repairs, Chesterfield sofas, leather, deep-buttoning, bespoke headboards, custom stools and designer cushions. We obtain feather and down filling of superior quality. We use  English duck feather filling to avoid the need for constant plumping. Pure duck down cushions are supplied. We can re-shape and re-model the frame before recovering, converting a two seater sofa into a three seater sofa, or the other way round. We assist customers in choosing suitable upholstery fabric for their furniture, and we have access to a large selection of attractive top quality fabrics, sourced from the United Kingdom,  Europe and beyond. Crowther and Sons use Scottish leather hides and suede hides in a variety of finishes. A modern upholsterer, working today in an environment where clients may need old antique armchairs and sofas restored, or might require a completely new concept item of furniture, must be versatile in the range of skills and techniques and materials at his disposal. Working in the traditional methods of the Victorian, Georgian, Regency or Edwardian periods is particularly rewarding, as the craftsman or woman works with time-proven low=tech materials and techniques that are in keeping with the piece. Just as interesting though, is exploring contemporary ideas and innovations  in design concepts and new materials, some of which bring great benefits in comfort and design possibilities. Established traditional materials and techniques are nevertheless still preferred by many customers and upholsterers because they are accurate to the history and heritage of the piece, ensuring longevity and avoiding synthetic materials - organic natural properties of jute hessian cotton, horse or hog hair, wool felt, feather down tend to create a subtle effect that is difficult to achieve with modern foam materials. As we move into the 21st century,  even the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s now appear quite some time ago, and younger generations begin to appreciate and value the best designs of these decades as much as their parents valued furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries. Parker Knoll Is a good example of a furniture design that began as far back as the 19th century, and although it has had periods of unpopularity, has recently become extremely sought after, with many examples finding their way to Crowther & Sons for restoration. Crowther and Sons provides a comprehensive upholstery and re-upholstery service for customers throughout Lincolnshire and beyond, clients who are seeking the highest standards of craftsmanship, attention to detail and a flair for bringing out the best in the piece of furniture.